Hi, my name is Tamara Firlotte.

My passion is to help support others in their life with better eating habits. I will make you aware about the toxins that are in our lives from food to household chemicals. My help also extends to relationships, career, self love, and motivation. I know how to heal leaky gut issues, and can suggest diets for people who currently have them. Also, I can help remove inflammation in bodies.

I think its more than diet to heal; there is a body-mind connection. Thinking positively sends out a different vibration than if you are thinking negatively. The things this can do to the body are outrageous.


I have studied with IIN Nutrition School based in New York for 1 year. Here I have studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. We co-create the wheel and personalized actions based on your goals to move you forward toward your vision of health. We also support you through lifestyle and behavioral adjustments.

Start Your Healthy Lifestyle Today

There is never a bad time to start. Your health is the best investment you can make. Without health & wellness in all aspects of your life, your life becomes difficult. When you balance your life it becomes easier.

I'm here to help you with lifestyle changes and help support you on your path to success. We can work together to send you in the right direction of your goals. I am willing to help people create good habits for long lasting changes in their life. They can make it a habit without even thinking about it, and will become highly motivated.